Guide for Free DVD Protection Removal Plugin on Mac

This guide tell you to use the DVD Copy Protection Removal plugin and Video Converter to rip commercial DVD Movie.

Step 1: Download and install Video Converter for Mac.

If you had installed the video converter, go to the Step 2.

Step 2: Download and install Free DVD Protection Removal on Mac.

Download Free DVD Protection Removal for Decryption

Step 3: Install Free DVD Protection Removal.

Double click the CSS Tools icon to install it. Hit the install button and the installation will be done in seconds. Now your installed i video converter is able to rip copy-protected DVD movies.

Note: For Mac OS X Lion or later, you may get notice from Gatekeeper. Please go to Apple menu > System Preferences… > Security & Privacy > General tab. Under the header "Allow applications downloaded from:" select "Anywhere" to fix the issue.

Detailed guide:

About CSS protected DVD: Content Scramble System (CSS) is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) and encryption system employed on almost all commercially produced DVD-Video discs. CSS utilizes a proprietary 40-bit stream cipher algorithm.